Good day dear reader!

This is a placeholder-site for echstreme.designs.

Because of its status as a placeholder-site, it is not very pretty and I, as the coder, am really sorry about that. But you should be, too, because it is a very shallow opinion and, according to society (which also is quite shallow), it is a bad thing to be facile (=shallow).

But back to the website: A better one is what I am working on. "" is supposed to be a community, mainly for gamers. I want to rent out gameservers, webspace and other things I can find. In the end, I would love to develop the ideas in my head to real, playable games.

The website will be a CMS, coded by echstreme.designs. Since echstreme.designs is consisting out of two persons ("Niemand", as the conceptor and coder, and "ArgH!", who is the server- and tech-admin) we are looking for more people. Especially php-coders. For the echstreme.designs website itself, as well as different other, smaller projects, all under the label of echstreme.designs.

If you are interested, follow us on facebook or - if you happen to be a coder with some sparetime - send us a message there!

See you later!

January 17th, 2016 - Working on it!